Sunday, 26 February 2012

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer Hazel Eyes- Review

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So, about a month ago, I was looking for a new mascara and during a trip to Superdrug I discovered the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer. It is a coloured mascara and it claims to "Light-Up your eyes. For fanned-out, maxed-up lash look in 3 dazzling shades." At first I thought it sounded like a little bit of a gimmick. It retails at around £11 depending on where you buy it, so it's not the cheapest drugstore mascara. My eyes are brown so I went for the shade Black Amethyst for hazel eyes(it is also available in blue and green).

I love the packaging it is so sleek and classy looking. The wand is rubber and is covered in lots of long, thin, bristles.

I was sort of skeptical to try it because I expected it to be bright purple and a bit OTT for daily use, but that definitely isn't the case. As you can see in the swatch, it is more of a browny colour with a dark purple tinge, which is visible on the brush but isn't very noticeable on the lashes.

The mascara performs very well. It gives amazing volume and length with minimal clumping and it is excellent at holding a curl. But I found that the formula is rather dry and extremely flakey throughout the day. It seemed a bit strange because in my experience mascaras typically start to flake when the are very old but this flaked from Day 1.
Rating Out of 10 
-I would give it an 8, would have been 10 if there wasn't an issue with flaking
Would I buy it again?
-Probably yes, overall it is an amazing mascara worth a repurchase

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  1. sounds great, I have to try it.xx

  2. Great Review! My favorite mascara of all time is Covergirl Lashblast and I have yet to find a mascara to top it but this mascara sound wonderful! I'll be sure to give it a try:)

    1. thank you! and yeh it's definitely worth a try:)

  3. Nice review :) ...Flakey mascaras really annoy me ... so I may give this a miss!

    1. Yeh I know what you mean...
      thank you :D xxx


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