Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mini Avon Haul :)

Hey everyone <3 today I have a (mini) Avon haul for you..
I actually only got three things but they seemed quite interesting so I thought I might as well just show you guys. I don't tend to shop at Avon very regularly, however anytime I place an order I am always impressed by the quality of their products and the amazing deals!

Solutions Vibes Power Cleanser -Was:£15 Sale:£9

This totally reminded me of the Clarisonic Mia and for £9 obviously I couldn't resist! It has a vibrating head with removable cleansing pads. I have really been loving my Liz Earle cleanser so this has a lot to live up to. I might do a full review on it after I have properly tried it out. If anyone would like to see that, let me know down below?

Nailwear Pro+ Nail Polishes -Was:£6 Sale:£2.50

I thought  these colours were so unique and gorgeous. I just realised that they come with 12ml of product which is fantastic as most of my nail polishes have 8-10ml. Amazingly they were better than half price so being the nail polish addict I am, off course I had to order a couple.

Pastel Pink

The first is a very pretty, pale shade of pink. It is like 'your nails but better' if you know what I mean. I don't actually own any other pinks like this.

Lemon Sugar

I have never seen a colour like this one before. It is an almost strange, pastel yellow but for some reason I was drawn to it.

So that's it for my little Avon haul
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  1. I have the Vibes Cleanser. I love everything about it except the fact that you have to use a replacement pad every time you cleanse, making it a very expensive item to run. The pads smell great though! I am now saving for a clarisonic lol xx


    1. Yeh I agree and it should come with more than 14 pads
      LOL I really want a Clarisonic too :)
      thank you for commenting xx

  2. I love that Avon polish stays on and doesn't chip for almost a week! Cute blog! Would love for you to check mine out too : ) We could follow each other if you would like : )


    1. I know! They are amazing <3
      And yeh, thanks :))

  3. Both the nail varnishes are such lovely colours, and such bargains too!xxx

  4. Love this!!
    Check out my giveaway on my style diary here!!



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