Friday, 8 June 2012

Haul: More LUSH Goodies!

Well hello! <3
By now you guys will probably know that I freaking love LUSH!! In my last Lush haul (here), I mentioned getting the 'Lush Times' magazine. Looking through it I discovered so many great products and I got an idea of a few things that I wanted to get.
So yes, I went to Lush again and I couldn't help myself...

'AMERICAN CREAM' Hair Conditioner(250g) -£8.50

I have noticed my spilt ends going a bit wacko at the moment, so I thought a nice conditioner would do me some good. For starters it smells amazing (apparently strawberry vanilla milkshake scented). This is a double strength, creamy conditioner. It is supposed to leave your hair extra soft and sweet smelling, so we will see how that one goes.

'IT'S RAINING MEN' Shower Gel(250g) -£8.50
After falling in love with my 'HONEY I WASHED THE KIDS' soap, I went back to get a new chunk of it. I totally prefer shower gels and I pretty much never buy soaps. So when I discovered that it comes in a shower gel, I was over the moon and I just grabbed it.

'VANILLARY' Gorilla Perfume(Solid) -£6
These looked rather interesting but unfortunately this was a big disappointment for me. It is supposed to be a solid perfume with a nice buttery consistency. The packaging kind of makes it look like a chapstick but also makes it easy to use if you are on the go. To be honest, I don't love it. I think the concept is great but the flavours, not so much. I thought that it smelt better in the shop and when I took it home I didn't like it at all. I expected it to be very sweet and well, vanillary, but it is very sour. It is supposed to also have notes on Jasmine too. But the scent just reminds me of lemons and not in a nice, fresh way, it is almost slightly like pee. Even if you did like it, I don't think it would last very long anyway but the scents also come in spray form.

'TEA TREE WATER' Toner Water(100g) -£3.75
I've never really been into toners and I would typically just use cold water after cleansing. However I heard that this was really good for spots and I wanted to give it a go. I love the packaging because you can just spritz it directly on to your face. I haven't seen any noticeable results yet but it feels nice on the skin(as if it is doing something).

I hope you enjoyed this little haul of mine :)

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  1. The American Cream conditioner sounds like it would be really good. Never been to sure about the solid perfumes, so will probably avoid them now. Thanks for the post :) x

    1. it is! thank you :)
      you're welcome x

  2. I too am a Lush Lover!! (who isn't??)
    I think I may give the toner a go next time I pop into Lush, I normally use the Clinique toner but can find it's quite harsh.


    1. LOL exactly!! :)
      yeah you should, thanks xx

  3. I LOVE lush!!! And I heard It's Raining Men is supposed to be amazing!! I must try it soon!! Following you now!!

  4. looking forward to your review on american cream- i suffer from bad split ends myself no matter how regular my haircuts are!

    Lovely blog hun, just followed :)
    Would love it if you would follow me too :)


    1. thank you<3 OMG Yes, they are so annoying! at least i am not the only one.. xx

  5. I love lush, they do the most amazing lettuce and lavender oil face mask! Thanks so much for your lovely comment sweetie! I'm following you back! x

    1. Me too! You are welcome!
      Thank you! X


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