Friday, 28 December 2012

What I Got For Christmas!

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would show you my 'Top 5' gifts that I received this Christmas. I was going to do a big Christmas Haul showing everything but I figured that would be far too long and probably quite boring. So I thought featuring my main gifts plus a few of my favourites would be a little more interesting for you guys. I was really excited to do this and I hope nobody takes it the wrong way. I am very grateful and happy with everything that I received. I'm posting this because I personally think it's fun to see what other people get for Christmas and I really don't want it to come across as bragging. Disclaimer over, now let's get started..

iPad mini
Okay, so this was my big present from my parents. I didn't really ask for anything so my dad said he would get me a surprise. Ahh I LOVE it! It can literally do anything and it has basically been my life for the past few days. The first thing that I noticed is that it is incredibly lightweight, it actually feels lighter than my iPhone, it must have something to do with the new charger. This is honestly one of the most amazing gifts I have ever gotten and I would highly recommend it to anyone on the hunt for a tablet.    

UGG Australia Classic Short Black Boots
I have wanted a pair of real Uggs for years now. I don't know how many pairs of the cheap ones I have gone through. They would last a few weeks before the sole and/or the heel would become worn down and tear. So I would end up having to buy multiple pairs each winter. Now it is a completely different story. It's like walking on clouds! I am very impressed by how soft, cosy and high quality these boots are. I can tell that I am going to get years and years of wear out of them. I actually find myself looking forward to the chilly days when I can wear them (sad, I know).

bareMinerals Customizable 8-Piece Starter Kit
In mid December my mum got me a consultation at the Bare Minerals Counter. I picked out this Starter Kit which I wasn't allowed to open until Christmas. The lady matched me with the Matte Foundation in the shade C10 Fair and popped it into the kit. The kit includes the Foundation of your choice, the Original Mineral Veil Setting Powder, the Warmth All-Over Bronzer, a Full Flawless Face Brush, a Flawless Application Face Brush, a Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, a Prime Time Foundation Primer plus a Get Started Leaflet and DVD. I tried the products out on Christmas Day and so far I am loving it.

Sephora Goodies
My Aunt from France came over and brought me a bunch of Sephora goodies. It was really exciting because we don't have Sephora in the UK. The first thing was this Sephora Eye Makeup Kit labelled as 'The essentials for a hypnotizing look'. It comes with an Ultra Black Outrageous Volume Mascara, a Silver Glitter Liquid Eyeliner and a Black Eyeliner Pencil. She said it was a best seller back in France so I am really excited to try this kit out, especially the mascara! She also picked me out a set of Sephora nail files and a gorgeous Sephora nail polish. This is such an amazing colour! It is one of the Sephora Collection Nail Polish & Top Coats in the shade Purple Jewelry. You can see the beautiful colours better in the first picture.

I also received money from various people. I will probably end up spending it soon. So if you guys would like to see a January Sales Haul please let me know in a comment bellow. 

Excuse my rambling again! If you got this far post a comment telling me your favourite gift that you received or if you have a post like this leave the link bellow because I would love to read it! 
Have a great weekend!♥
Lots of love,


  1. You're so lucky that you got an iPad mini! :) Uggs are definitely worth the investment. I did own a pair of fake uggs and they wore out quickly. Last year I got a pair of uggs and are in great condition! If you don't already, I recommend that you get the ugg cleaning kit. It helps protect and maintain them in good condition. :)

    1. I know! thanks for the recommendation! I was debating about getting the cleaning kit but I will definitely try it out now :)

  2. Nice post! I love Sephora glitter liner, it is a staple beauty product:)


    1. thanks laila! that's great to hear as I haven't had the chance to properly try it out yet :)

  3. wow you got some really nice things and I love those uggs and jealous of your ipad xoxo

    1. aww thank you! i love them too lol xoxo


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