Friday, 21 December 2012

Winter 2012: Nail Polish Favourites!

How are you all? I'm really sorry I have been absent over the past month or so but I am glad to be back and I can guarantee you will be hearing a lot more from me over the next couple of weeks.
Anywho, today I am going to be sharing my 'must have' nail polishes for this season. I was thinking about doing a christmassy nail art tutorial using some of these colours too so you guys can let me know down bellow if you would like to see that. So in no particular order here they are..

17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Teal

These magnetic nail polishes have been really popular since they were released last year. I was never the biggest fan of shatter polishes but I am in love with the magnetic effect. I think this shade in particular is great for this time of year.

Accessorize Nail Polish in Pink Spice
In my mind this nail polish just screams christmas! It has an amazing holographic effect that makes the colour change depending on what angle the light is hitting it at. It was quite difficult to capture on camera but it goes from a deep shimmery red to a gorgeous bronzey colour.

Revlon Charlie Nail Enamel in Essence

A basic gold nail polish is essential for this time of year. There's not much to say but it's festive and incredibly pretty.

Models Own Headkandi Nail Polish in Ibiza Mix

For some reason this nail polish reminds me of fireworks. I think it would be perfect for something like a New Year's Eve Party. As it is a glitter nail polish it wouldn't be opaque on its own so I have swatched it on top of a plain black nail polish to show the full effect.

Barry M Nail Paint in Dusy Mauve

This is another interesting one. From a far it looks like a dusky brownish grey but up close you can see it actually has a pretty purple shimmer to it.

Here they are all together..

Let me know what your favourite nail polishes are  for this time of year in a comment bellow. Also feel free to leave me any questions and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can ♥ 

That's all folks, thanks for reading! ;) 
Lots of love, 


  1. Ooo these are all lovely :D I don't think I've tried any of them to be honest!! I have some Boots points available to spend though so may pick one of two of them up to try.

    I recently posted my fave christmas/new year party polishes if you fancy taking a look?

    Louise xx

    1. thanks louise! that sounds great and course I'll have a look :)

  2. I have the 17 Metallic Nail Polish and I love it too! Pink Spice looks gorgeous. xo

    1. High five!:) and yeah you will love pink spice too xo

  3. Hi sweetie, those are adorable :) I really need to buy some metallic nail polishes because I'll definately need them next year as they're quite fashionable :)
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment on my blog, I'm following you :0
    Wish you very nice holidays and many smiles :)

  4. I love how you swatch your polish, its genius!!
    Thank you for the follow, Gorgeous, I followed you back!
    You have a fab blog!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :)
      No problem! thank you for your lovely comment!


Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can!♥

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