Friday, 11 January 2013

Button Swap, Anyone?!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!
This is only going to be a quick post from me today. I just wanted to let you guys know that I managed to create a blog button. I would love to start some button swaps so if you are willing to feature my button on your blog I would be more than happy to return the favour and pop yours in my side bar(the order being 'first come, first served'). 
If you are at all interested in taking part, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon I can.
Have a great weekend! 
Lots of love,

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Best of 2012!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I was actually planning on doing a 2012 Favourites until I saw the Best of 2012 Tag going around on Youtube. I figured I would do this instead because it seemed a little different than your usual favourites post. It is in 3 categories beauty, fashion and random so here they are..

1. Favourite Face Product
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
No matter how many different high end or drugstore concealers that I try, I always find myself coming back to this. I love everything about it! It gives you the most amazing, long-lasting coverage and it is very affordable. What more could you ask for?

2. Favourite Cheek Product
Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Peach
I switch about my cheek colour quite often although I wore this pretty much everyday throughout Spring/Summer time because it's that good. It is the prettiest, peachy, pink blush I have ever come across. It has such a silky, smooth feel as well, they are completely right about the dream touch part.

3. Favourite Eye Product
Benefit They're Real Mascara
I discovered this mascara at the start of the Summer and I'm still using it ever since. Yes, I know that is quite bad because you're supposed to change your mascara every few months. I have talked about it quite a lot before so all I'm going to say is it is AMAZING!

4. Favourite Lip Product
Vaseline in Limited Edition Pink Bubbly
To be honest I'm not hugely into lip products so Vaseline has been the lip product I have used the most this past year. I know it might seem quite boring but not this one. It comes in the cutest little tub, tastes lovely and has a slight pinky tint to it.

5. Favourite Skincare Product
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
I discovered Liz Earle Cleanse&Polish around Spring time when I got it free in a magazine and wow I had never tried anything like it. It easily removes every last drop of makeup off of your face but still remains very gentle and soothing. It is, hands down, the best cleanser, I have ever used!

6. Favourite Nail Polish
Revlon Nail Enamel in One Perfect Coral
Now this one was so difficult for me! I have a bit of a nail polish addiction and I switch up my nail colour constantly. But I feel like you can't go wrong with a red nail polish. I think reds are perfect for any season which is the main reason I love them. This is more of a bright coral red which is what I tend to go for over pink or wine toned reds. 

7. Favourite Hair Product
Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical
Without a shadow of a doubt! I have talked about this product loads before. It is a life saver, I don't know where I would be without it!

8. Favourite Body product/Perfume
Hollister Body Mists
I literally love all the flavours. When you spray them they feel so refreshing as they actually condition and cool the skin. The bottle is very light making perfect for on the go.

9. Favourite Clothing Piece
Jack Wills Hoodies

Anytime I am in a hurry or I simply don't know what to wear I can just throw one of these on and I am good to go.

10. Favourite Accessory
Pocket Watches
I have been in love with vintage style pocket watch necklaces. I own quite a few from Etsy which I have worn a lot in 2012. I think they are so gorgeous and they really complete a look. 

11. Favourite Pair of shoes
All Star Converse High Tops in White
I love the way converse add a casual aspect to your outfit. The white goes well with pretty much everything, plus they are super comfy and sturdy.  

12. Favourite TV Show/Movie
When I first discovered Pretty Little Liars, I instantly became hooked and watched the whole of season 1-3 in the space of a few weeks. It is one of the best shows I have ever seen and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It has such a great story line and I can't wait till the new episode this Tuesday!

13. Favourite Book
Oh my god, this book is a million times better than the movie. The movie has basically the same story but there is so much detail missed out in between. If you liked the movie, please go read the book! 

14. Favourite Food
Well throughout 2012 Nando's has been my usual choice whenever I eat out. Their chicken is to die for and their frozen yoghurt is unbelievable. I love everything about the place, I even think their toilets are nice LOL!

15. Favourite Beverage
I have two favourites for this one because depending on the weather and my general mood I went for different thing. In the Summer I typically went for a Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. It tastes like chilled coffee, Oreos and chocolate ice-cream all mixed together which is pretty amazing! Then in the Winter I went for their Peppermint Hot Chocolate. This tastes like warm melted after eights which is also amazing! 

16. Favourite Song
There is no way I could pick one song favourite for the whole year so I had to cheat a little bit and go for an album. I feel like I have listened to this non-stop since it was came out. I love every song on this album and I know all of them off by heart.

I tag everyone to do this so you can say that I tagged you! If anyone does this tag please leave the link bellow because I would love to read your answers! 
I wish you all the best of luck for 2013!♥
Lots of love,

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