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Concealer Review: Rimmel VS Collection(2000)!!

Hi everyone!
Around Summer time I posted a Concealer Comparison between Benefit and Soap&Glory which got quite a good response. So after purchasing my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, a few weeks ago, I decide to do something similar between it and the Collection(formally known as Collection 2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Starting with the much loved Collection concealer which claims to give transfer proof, water resistant, ultimate wear full coverage for up to 16 hours. The two things that I like most about this concealer are the flawless coverage and the great formula. It gives the best coverage that I have ever seen in a drugstore concealer. I really like the thick consistency which dries beautifully matte and doesn't even need to be powdered. It lasts all day and without creasing at all.
The only thing that I have a problem with is the range of colours. The light shade works very well for me in the summer when I am a bit more tan. All though when it comes to winter it is a tad too orange for me. I can rectify this by mixing the colours but I would still prefer if they added a few more shades to the range. As you can see in my picture the writing on the tube has completely worn off which shows that the packaging must be cheaply made. The doe foot applicator is nice but I would love if they made some slight changes to the packaging and increased the size of the tube. If you are using it everyday the tiny tube doesn't go very far.
Nevertheless the product itself remains one of my all time favourite concealers, it definitely lives up to the hype and I would highly recommend to anyone.
Rating out of 10: 9

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

Now on to the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealear. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the Wake Me Up Foundation but I think the concealer deserves more love. It claims to be Rimmel's first full coverage concealer which gives an instant anti-fatigue effect with peptides and vitamin moisturising complex to visibly reawaken and illuminate under the eyes aswell as completely concealing spots and other blemishes. In terms of packaging I am a huge fan. I think the bright orange lid looks really cool, it is a much better size and it feels a lot more sturdy. The formula of this concealer is very different. It has a much thinner, sheerer, creamier and almost oily consistency. The dewy finish is nice but you need to use powder or it doesn't set very well. It contains subtle glitters to help with the brightening 'anti-fatigue effect'. I was a bit skeptical about having a glittery concealer but honestly you can't even see them in the swatch so when it is blended in on your face it's not all noticeable. I was a lot happier with Rimmel's range of shades and I think the Ivory shade is a perfect match for my skin. I really like this concealer for the undereye area but I don't think it works particularly well on blemishes, whereas the Collection concealer does both. I also wouldn't call it a full coverage concealer as I feel it has a lighter natural look.

Overall I do like this concealer too. If you are looking for a brightening concealer which still maintains a natural look I would say it is worth a shot.
Rating out of 10: 8

In conclusion I think both of these concealers are a good buy. I have slightly favoured the Collection one just because I like a more flawless look but that is just my personal preference. 

I hope some of you found this helpful!
Let me know what your favourite concealer is because I am always up for trying a new one!
Thanks for reading♥ 
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  1. I have heard really good things about the collection 2000 concealer. I really wish they sold it in my country!

    1. yeah it's great! that is a shame, you are really missing out!

  2. my favourite for under the eyes is definitely the rimmel match perfection! x

    1. Oh I used to love that concealer! I stopped using it because I didn't think it gave the best coverage but it is lovely and brightening! x


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